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One after another the dirty-tricks emerge revealing Union Tribune's ruthless campaign against workers' rights.When UT employees attempt to stand up for themselves and try to form a union, we face threats, propaganda, discrimination, intimidation, harassment and even firings.It's wrong, and it's got to stop now!!! AND IT IS AGAINST THE LAW!!!

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Thursday, April 28, 2011


Dear Barbara
For working almost more than 16 years with my employer I have a long history and try to understand and exercise my patience and perseverance.

I started working partime for more than 14 years and been a full-time for only like a year and half and now I am back to partime without any benefit cut our wages 55%.Doing more work with less money and less hour and with no respect to us especially to our basic right as a worker.

They change policy from time to time that the workplace is hostile and getting worst and worst everyday. And almost no job description and they let you do everything they want.

Because of it's hostile environment, now I am sick and I am having this major depression and anxiety attack because of all the accumulation of all the things that's happening.

Although I am on a disability and under treatment as of now all the medical expenses are from own expenses which is really hard for me and applied for my FAMILY LEAVE ACT and even request my vacation pay they haven't replied and try to ignore this up to this time. I am only one step to be one of the homeless here in America...I call myself "Hidden Homeless' almost living in my car!

I am 58 years old, with a 23 year old daughter and really confused and don't know what is the right to do, that is the main reason why I decide to send this message.

The workplace is really hostile and a nightmare but my co-workers are so afraid to lose their job especially now that we are on this global economic crisis.

One after another the dirty-tricks emerge revealing ruthless campaign against workers' rights.When we attempt to stand up for ourselves and try to form a union, we face threats, propaganda, discrimination, intimidation, harassment and even firings.It's wrong, and it's got to stop now!!!

And all my friends are gone! Some quit, some retired some even got fired.

My company is owned by a rich corporate guys and the only city newspaper here in San Diego.

This is only summary and I hope you can help me in my situation.

I hope I expressed myself clearly, accurately and honest as possible. God Bless and I Thank you!


Hipolito Belarmino
PO BOX 390487
San Diego, CA 92149

Friday, April 08, 2011

San Diego Readers & Me

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My name out on the mark up...

I called Boyet Ang, my co-worker telling me my name is not on the mark up. And on April 18, 2011 he will be working graveyard because he got no choice because of favoritism! He said is fingers are getting worst!

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Wednesday, April 06, 2011

EEOC and call from Anne Rosenvich HR

I called EEOC ( the girl name is Carmen) today...04.06.2011 (Wednesday)...EEOC SD Local West Beach St. Room 504 SD CA 92101...1-619-557-7235

I had a call from Anne Rosenvich, HR Director trying to calm me down again! She told me that there was a confusion on my doctor's notice. Although it is stated April 2nd Saturday...David Ferguson to me my work status is AWOL! And he even said " He doesn't care how I feel!"...Now Anne telling me If I need more time because of my health condition it is ok and she will send the necessary paperworks the Work Comp. But up to now I haven't receive anything!

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Call from HR "They don't care about us!"

Yesterday I called UT-HR...responding to their call saying that they want some info on my work comp application. First I talked to Yolanda Wujick but she transfered me to David Ferguson, the safety manager accusing that my working status is AWOL, meaning Absence Without Leave. While in fact I am communicating with them via mail & phone. One they tried sending me a message in FACEBOOK which I dont really appreciate.
Although I have to be out yesterday and do some of my necessary appointments like buying my food, going to my mailbox, my bank and even try to get an appointment to my doctor. She (Yolanda Wujick) insisted me to talk to David Ferguson and engageg in an argument that putting more pressure and tried again to put the words into my mouth that cause me having this anxiety I hanged-up the phone because David Ferguson told me "I might loose my job! Although I have to be back Saturday April 2 as my doctor noted I still don't feel good and feel sick." So although we have this re-application & rebidding process I am still sick and I am in the process of applying a State Disability which they already responded.

While FAMILA application that comes which I have mailed it on time, the UT hasn't replied it yet.

So today Wednesday April 6, 2011 I called UT and leave a message. I told them "This is May Belarmino, if you happened to schedule me to work today or this week, I still can't go to work today because of my health condition, I am still sick. In fact I am seeing my doctor today because I'm having this anxiety attack!

And I really want to go to ER yesterday because I am very disturbed its good Karen returned my call.

I am having this because David Ferguson told me " He doesn't care about me or how I feel!"

I think he is very arrogant! Well in fact Im trying to communicate with them and if there is something they need me to fill up any form they should mail it to me like the FAMILA and the EDD application from. He is insisting that I should inform the supervisor or the manager while in fact I am communicating with them by mail & by phone everyday since the time that I wasn't able to go to work (February 26,2011 Saturday) In the first palce why they didn't mail the work comp application together with FAMILA & EDD application and why they havent replied about my FAMILA up to now!

I dont think it is right for me to deal with them personally or even over the phone because they keep harassing and intimidating me in every way that they can. "THEY ARE UNSAFE, UNHEALTHY & UNCOMFORTABLE...I should say! THEY ARE PLAYING AGAIN THEIR GAME....THEIR DIRTY TRCKS...NEW OWNER..with the old system and the same people around!


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Two Weeks of Hell...I Don't Know What's Next? But I know He is with Me Always!

Wednesday October 22, 2008

The Supervisor Cris Norton failed to give my last 10 minute break and I even informed Michael Connors, the Manager at that moment before I get off from work. And even noted this to my time card.

Thursday October 23, 2008

Pam Castanon pulled me out on System 4 and had more less 2 hour closed door meeting with them on the third floor ( Michael C., Lamont M., Pam C., & the girl from HR ( I guess she is a secretary). To my surprised because I disagree with them with a lot of charges & accusations against me, again they just kicked me out in the premises & even escorted by Pam C. up to the Noth Dock going to the parking lot. This not the first time that they give me an indefinte suspension without pay since we tried to have & form the union in the workplace.

Saturday November 01, 2008

I draft a letter of complaint to Human Resources & dropped it Monday November 03, 2008 at the National City Post Office 16th street via registered mail

Thursday November 06, 2008

Michael Connors leave a message a message on my answering machine saying his name, his nos., & call him back! I always checked my voicemail everynight!

Friday November 07, 2008

I called Michael at 1:30PM but instead of telling me his message he hanged me up & told me to call him back again at 2:00PM.

So this time I rather bring my daughter to the eye-care clinic.

Because I don't have trust in them I decided to go to Grace place ( she's my co-worker & neighbor) & decided that I better call him (Michael) with a witness like Grace & luckily Emily Portes, her closed-friend & also our co-worker was also there.

During our conversation we noticed that they were on the speaker phone, Michael & Lamont. To my surprised instead of telling me " I am back to work or not; they keep on blaming me & trying to put words into my mouth, like Michael saying that because I didn't call him right away I am at "No Show" status on Friday November 07, 2008 and I am scheduled to work. Well, in fact I've got an answering machine & he can leave a message that I am back & scheduled to work that Friday. He even told me that "It seems that I don't want to go back to work anymore!" & I replied "I didn't say that you said that!" It is good this time Grace & Emily was there & heard everything. And Grace wrote down on a piece of paper something like asked them " Am I going back to work tomorrow or not?" and Michael got no choice and end up telling me I am back to work at 7:00AM.

Saturday November 08, 2008

Before I worked we had a meeting & give me something to read. All that are written there are all the back issues & charges against me, putting all the blame on me & my attitude, it is the same pattern for them it is their normal procedure. But they never mention & focus on the real issue.The fact that they violated my 10minute break that day ( and this is not only the first time) and I even informed Michael Connors about this he was pissed-off & always saying & adressing me "I am a jerked!" this is how he adrresed me everytime we have a disagreement.
Also today Pam uppal told me that I am up on the mark-up schedule to work every week. And also Ernie told me that I am also on the marked up on the job-assignment everyday. So it is the same pattern.

Sunday November 09, 2008

I received all the the digital copies & updated information via email from USPS about my letter of complaint. That they have accepted, received & signed my letter of complaint via registered mail.

*Noontime, after giving mg daughter Anna to work. I met a bum named "Carlo o Carlos" in Pinoy Fiesta, a Filipino restaurant in National City...he is an intelligent Filipino bum...he even mentioned the name "Carlos Bulosan" that is why he caught my attention...I am really sorry that he is an NPA ( No Permanent Address) we had a long shared experienced in life but for a short talked (about 2 1/2 hours) And when I left I saw he got a teary sad eyes...he is a real genius & has a strong faith in the Lord, Jesus Christ


Friday, October 24, 2008

Ang Utak Talangka...Ang Walang Kagalingang...Masakit na Katotohanan...

Sa mga huling araw ng mga kaibigan at kasamahan ko sa trabaho ay nasaksihan ng mga mata ko ang mga ilang bagay na emosyonal.Nagpapatunay na kami iba man ang kinalakhang kultura at tradisyon ay wala ring pinag-kaiba sa ating mga Pilipino at ito ay sapagka't sila ay tunay na tao rin na may pangagailangan upang itagos ang hamon ng buhay sa araw-araw.

Nagpapalitan ng mga magagandang salita, nagpapaalaman habang nangingilid ang mga luha. Ngapapalitan ng mga contact nos. at address kagaya ng phone nos. at e-mail address.Sana nga ay totoo na sila ay magkakalapit bilang maging magkaibigan na kahit paano nagkasama kami ng maraming taon sa trabaho. Nakakatuwa na nakakalungkot sapagkat kahit ganoon kailangan pa rin namin ang isa't isa. Sabi nga "NO MAN IS AN ISLAND!"

Pra sa akin kahit paano makakaramdam ka ng lungkot at maala-ala mo ang magagandang araw na katrabaho at kakwentuhan sila at di makakaila na naging bahagi namin ang bawa't isa minsan sa kabanata ng aming buhay. Sana tumama sila sa kanilang pagpapasaya at ako masaya rin pa rin sa kanila.

Ang linggong ding ito ay puno ng emosyon,pag-aalala at pangamba sa dahilang "Ano ngaba ang aming magiging kinabukasan sa kamay ng mga taong nagpapatakbo ng kumpanyang ito na walang pakialam sa pangkaraniwang manggagawa at ng pamilya namin. Na ang pinaiiral na prinsipyo ay ang kasakiman at pilit binabale wala ang aming karapatan bilang tao.

Para sa akin ang paglisan ng aking mga kasama at tanggapin ang alok na buy-out ay ang pagtatagumpay ng kumpanya ang pagwatak sa anumang namumuong kapatiran at magawa nila ang gusto nila at itago ang lahat ng katotohan at matakpan ng kasinungalingan ang lahat.

Ang mapait na katotohan ito ay kahulugan ng karagdagang trabaho para sa amin sapagka't pipilitin nilang gampanan namin ang trabahong dati namang hindi para sa amin. At di man lang bibigyan nag anumang karadagang pabuya o kabayaran at sasamantalihin ang ugaling Pilipino na masipag nga ngunit'kanya-kanya naman at matapang lang sa kapwa-Pilipino at ang pinakamasama sa lahat ang ating ugaling utak-talangka. Ang mga pangyayari sana ay maging daan upang tayo ay magising at makita ang katotohanan na tayo ay may karapatan bilang pangkaraniwang manggagawa at walang mangyayari sa atin kung tayo ay kanya-kanya!


Sunday, September 14, 2008

The End Of An Era ng Bulok na Sistema

Sana nga katapusan na ng bulok sistema ng kabanata ng kasinungalingan at panlilinlang ng mga swapang at ganid na mga tamad na mga matataas na namamahala ng Pahayagang UT.

Sana ang bagong may-ari ay di sayangin ang milyun-milyong dollares upang pairalin ang tama, ang katotohanan at kabutihan.

At kung hindi nya gagawin ang nararapat isa s'yang numero unong istupido at hunghang...sapagka't wala syang tatakbuhan at masasama sya sa pagbagsak at kahihiyan na kanyang mamanahin sa company na ito. I am really sorry for them!

I remember during one of our negotiation with them we asked them if there is a future lay-off...they say "THEY DON"T KNOW!" What a big lie...hypocrite!!!

Since we've elected the union representation last June 9, 2005, that was three years ago...

As my header says..."One after another the dirty-tricks emerge revealing Union Tribune's ruthless campaign against workers' rights.When UT employees attempt to stand up for themselves and try to form a union, we face threats, propaganda, discrimination, intimidation, harassment and even firings.It's wrong, and it's got to stop now!!! AND IT IS AGAINST THE LAW!!!" and up to this time they still not ashame doing this horrible thing.

All the accusations & allegations to all the union-supporters are all false, heresay and grossly fabricated. And we found it very maliscious against us, who only wants our basic human rights to be respected as a worker.


Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Dapat nga ba o hindi?

VOLUNTARY SEPERATION PROGRAM OR BUY OUT...pareho lang yan mga kapatid!

REMEMBER: The Union-Tribune’s Christmas Massacre of December 2007 is still producing bloodshed. The Copley Press, aided by a high-powered consulting firm, is contesting unemployment claims filed by a small group of ex-employees who took a buyout after concluding they would be fired.MORE HERE>>>

Madalas sa iyong buhay may pagkakataon na dapat matatag ka sa anumang desisyon na gagawin mo. Di ka dapat pabigla-bigla. Timbangin ang bawa't anggulo, at alamin ang ikakasama at ikakabuti sa iyong napiling pagpapasya. Sapagka't ang sabi nga natin palagi "Nasa huli ang pagsisisi at di ito nauuna!"

Sa nakakalitong mga pangyayari ngayon dito sa UT nagkaroon kami ng mga ilang palitan ng mga sa loobin at narito ang mga ilan at ang mga ito ay dapat kong bigyan ng halaga bago ako magpasya.

This is the issue:

"Buyouts Announced at 'San Diego U-T'" Thursday August 28, 2008"

Narito ang ilan lamang na naririnig ko sa aking mga katrabaho, kaibigan, kapamilya at mga taong malalapit sa akin. At sisikapin kong dagdagan ito at itama kung mayroong pagkakamali sa blogging kong ito.

Mahirap magsurvive sa kanilang offer na di naman kalakihan at buwanan nilang ibibigay ito at di naman buo o isang bigay upang makita mo man lamang halaga, ayon ito sa announcement nila. Sana may option o choices ito.

Ang nakakaduda ay ang kanilang pagpresent ng program o move na ito sa mga kapwa ko manggagawa. Bilang professional dapat sana binigyan nila kami bawa't isa ng folder o package na mababasa na makakapagbigay ng mga information at maiuwi sa bahay at dito namin gawin ang aming homework at makapagpasya kami ng nararapat kung ano makabubuti sa bawa't isa sa amin at sa aming pamilya. Alam dapat nila na may mga ilan sa amin na magiging emotional sa bagay na ito at kailangan ang isang professional na tagapayo.

Napakababa ng tingin nila sa amin sa dahilang para lamang silang nag announce ng weekly schedule namin.

" O ayan bahala kayong matrap dyan mga stupid, mga flip, wala naman kayong lakas ng loob kahit magtanong man meeting nga eh.. walang kang maririnig sa mga 'yan...di mo nga maintindihang mag-english yan eh..magtatanong ka pa eh kung maubusan ka ng baon mo...napahiya ka pa, may problema ka pa kaya tahimik na lang si Juan Tanga!"

Kaya nga paano mo maibibigay ang pag-galang sa mga taong ito na sa mga kilos at pagsasalita nila ay nakikita mo na wala silang pinag-aralan. Wala silang tamang leadership at di nararapat sa kanilang trabaho.

At sigurado ako na di rin magugustuhan ng isang bagong matinong multi-millionaire na may ari ng ganitong kalaking company ang ganitong napakarumi at napakababang sistema.Ano 'sya isang stupid din at isang malaking hunghang! (Puede rin yan mga kapatid, kaya bottom line dapat may union para may protection!)

Matatawag ko talaga na "Isang Pang-aalipin sa Makabagong Panahon "

Alam na alam nila na mahirap ang trabaho sa ngayon kaya nagagawa nila kahit na ano lalo na ngayon na walang union na magtatanggol sa aming karapatan bilang pangkaraniwang manggagawa.

Di rin sapat ang panahon o deadline upang mapag-aralan at maisubmit mo ang iyon mga paperworks. Sa tingin ko ito ay sequel sa "Christmas Massacre 2007" at ito ay ang "Summer Massacre 2008"

Sa akin mas makakabuti na huwag kong kunin ang kanilang alok di dapat masilaw sa maliit na halaga.

Gusto kong makita ang mga taong ito na isa-isang lumalabas sa company na ito. At kung sa mga sumunod na mga araw na naririto ako malalaman at makikita ko ang tunay na drama ng bawa't binibitawan nilang salita. Kung may katotohanan ang mga ito o strategy lamang nila upang ang illegal ay magawa nila ng legal o isa rin itong corporate greed na kumakalat na sistema sa buong Amerika.

Sa aking Kapwa-Pilipino hangga't di tayo nagbabago sa ating "Utak Talangka" we will remain a second class citizen forever at di tayo igagalang at bibigyan ng equal rights, kailan tayo magigising! "Walang api kung walang magpapa-api!" sabi nga ng ating kapatid na Pepe.